Are Shots (vaccines) Safe?

Excerpt from Ch. 3 of Living the Revolution - The Enlightened Self-Interest of Being the Change the World Needs by Mark Mason
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An illuminated letter I f the medical-industrial complex is lying to us about the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and the effectiveness of Laetrile, what else are they lying to us about? I believe they could be lying to us about anything that has to do with the effectiveness or otherwise of any drug the pharmaceutical industry makes, including vaccines, and that if we want to live in good health to an old age we would be wise to take what the medical industry says about drugs and vaccines with a grain of salt, and do our own research, and/or trust our own intuition about them.

I recently found on the internet a list of 220 peer-reviewed scientific articles detailing serious side effects of vaccines including many deaths.[7] The fact that the medical authorities tell us these vaccines are safe and that the research confirms this, means they are lying to us about these 220 peer reviewed scientific articles, and that their position on vaccines is not based on the evidence, but is agenda driven. And the agenda is, of course, the agenda of the pharmaceutical industry that makes vast amounts of money from vaccinating a large part of the population. The powers that be also lie to us about the danger of many of the diseases they want to vaccinate us against. The death rate from measles is only 3%, and that includes all cases, including those who have other serious health problems such as deficient immune systems. It is likely that most of the 3% who die are the ones with the other serious health problems that then get measles, meaning that close to no-one who is otherwise healthy is going to die from measles. On the other hand, some children do die and have other serious side effects from vaccines, and these are particularly prevalent from the measles vaccine. According to US government reports, from 2003 to 2013 no one died of measles in the USA, but in the same 10 year period 108 people died from side-effects of four different measles vaccines.[8] My sister is a university educated nurse and social worker, and has treated tetanus patients in hospital. She said none of her tetanus patients died, and there is no reason why they should if they are in a hospital.

Vaccines nearly all have aluminum compounds in them that have been found to increase the immune response, which are used despite the fact that aluminum is a well documented neurotoxin. That doesnít matter to the pharmaceutical industry, though, as long as they get to make the profits from their vaccines. The recent release of the documentary movie Vaxxed has reignited the public debate about whether the MMR vaccine is a factor in causing autism. The film is about the claim by whistleblower William Thompson that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, committed fraud in manipulating and discarding data in its 2000 to 2004 MMR-autism study to make it appear that the MMR vaccine given at the age of two is not a causal factor for autism, when its original study showed that it is. Thompson was the head scientist working on that study, and he kept a copy of the original data, even though he was told to destroy it all. Thompson is not anti-vaccine, he just wants safe vaccines, as do all of us. It is a matter of concern that the US Congress, and all the powers that be, are ignoring Thompsonís claim, writing it off as being on the idiot fringe, and are not prepared to openly and thoroughly investigate it to determine whether there is any truth in it.

The CDC has been caught out before in suggesting that they manipulate research data to get the results the pharmaceutical industry wants, and, also, in actually manipulating data. The proceedings of the 2000 Simpsonwood meeting between the CDC and vaccine manufacturers, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act in 2003, show that when considering how to deal with research data that showed a causal link between the mercury based vaccine preservative Thimerosal and neurodevelopmental disorders, epidemiologists from the CDC recommended changing the study inclusion criteria after the initial results were in so they could get the result they wanted.[9] Not only did the CDC suggest doing that, they also actually did revise their initial data by including younger infants, not yet diagnosed, and other data that knowingly and dramatically under-reported autism rates, and used this new data in subsequent drafts of their reports.[10] They say that one swallow doesnít make a spring. Well, here are two swallows! All the more reason why Thompsonís claims should be thoroughly and openly investigated. Until they are, there will be questions about the honesty and integrity of the CDC, and with those questions hanging above our heads, how can we have confidence in the safety of any vaccine?
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